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2 million websites are part of a hiding Private Blog Network (PBN) created by Black Hat SEOs. Hidden PBN backlinks can’t be found by common backlink checkers like Ahrefs and co. Therefore, we created Linxact Lens.

Leverage third-party SEO metrics

Use SEO metrics like Majestic’s Trust Flow (TF) to analyze, filter or sort visible and hidden PBN backlinks by exporting them in a TXT file which you can upload to a batch / bulk backlink checker of your choice. You’ll receive an output with the data you’ve exported from Linxact Lens and attached vendor-specific SEO metrics.
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Export, manipulate and merge data

Easily export visible and hidden PBN data into a CSV file. Manipulate PBN backlinks of any target within a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Merge our data with other data sources to take your competitive SEO analysis to the next level.
Showing Linxact Lens' feature for exporting hidden PBN backlinks in a CSV file

Backlink data exclusive to Linxact

Our PBN index

PBN root domains artificially boosting websites in SERPs*

Matched and hidden

Hiding PBN root domains*

Pure gray niche data

Apache Parquet + Snappy

Analysis scope

Registered root domains**

Index updates

Fresh data every quarter
*A small percentage of root domains might not be part of a PBN, as we use probabilistic heuristics to classify PBN websites. In total, there are ~53 million root domains out there that are technically hiding but not part of any PBN. Most of them carry no value from a SEO perspective as they can be considered spam.
**Our analysis scope includes 82 million registered root domains with backlink profiles qualified for PBN-use which is equivalent of a full web analysis scope of ~265 million / ~205 million (vetted) root domains.

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

Infographic that explains the Black Hat SEO method Private Blog Network (PBN)
A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a set of websites owned and controlled by a single entity which is referenced as the Black Hat SEO.
A PBN website is often built on a domain that had been expired or had been auctioned so that the PBN website immediately carries link juice.
PBN websites link out to a mutual target website (also called money site) which is affiliated to the PBN owner and turns traffic into revenue.
This massively increases the link juice of the target website and conspicuously increases Google SERP rankings which increase traffic.
Because Black Hat SEOs have control over their PBN websites they're able to hide outbound links of their PBN websites from common backlink checkers to deceive their competitors.
Besides, there are also many visible PBN websites which's outbound links are still hard to spot as all other SEO tools can't divide them from all the ordinary backlinks. We classify visible PBN backlinks for you.

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Linxact is a product of my passion for SEO and my work as an SEO consultant. At Linxact we want to make Black Hat SEO transparent. Thus far, SEO tools have been developed to solve issues and satisfy needs related to White Hat SEO while the usage of Black Hat SEO methods such as Private Blog Networks (PBNs) has exploded in recent years. This has produced a large transparency gap in the competitive SEO analysis of affected niches. Our dedicated and passionate team at Linxact is working relentlessly to fill this gap.
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