Hidden Backlinks
Made Visible

Get exclusive insights about backlinks which are invisible to backlink checkers but not to search engines.
Linxact Explorer

Discover hidden backlinks which are invisible to common backlink checkers directly in the Explorer Webview. In combination with an usual backlink checker you get to see the true backlink profile.

Webview Table Export

Export hidden backlinks with just a click. You receive a CSV file containing all data you could also see in the “Hidden External Backlinks” table. Other table exports will be supported in future.

Bulk Import & Export

Upload a textfile containing multiple target websites to either get hidden backlink profiles or to get general hidden backlink profile statistics of them all at once.

Linxact Explorer Beta

The Linxact Explorer allows you to monitor URLs, URL paths, domains or whole root domains for hidden external backlinks, hidden reffering domains or hidden referring root domains. First can be selected within your search bar at the bottom and second can be archieved by looking into the respective table.

If you require backlink metrics to evaluate a hidden backlink profile more precisely just export the “Hidden External Backlinks” table and upload it to a bulk backlink metrics checker. Websites which hide their outbound links can be analyzed with common backlink metric tools as you used to in contrast to websites which receive a major amount of hidden inbound links.

Our dataset gets completely renewed every month as long as we stay in beta. In future when Linxact leaves beta status we will increase the crawling cycle step by step. Until then we will focus on improving data precision and data visualizations. Reaching an optimal data precision is a very challenging task for any backlink monitoring service but especially for a hidden one. That is because we need to maintain a hidden link detection algorithm in addition to everything else that is required for a backlink monitoring service.

Even Linxact is currently in beta we already have archieved impressive results with our current crawling infrastructure. As your read this we are already able to detect hidden outgoing links from the most significant 2+ billion unique hosts that exist in the WWW.

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Hidden Backlinks Matter

Search engines like Google use a large set of factors to determine an URL’s search result position. A lot of important factors are based on external ingoing links called backlinks. Each backlink a search engine crawls will be taken into consideration to rank URLs in different search result pages (short SERPs).

Therefore to be able to find out why a website has a specific SERP position, key is to know the backlink profile. That means to see what the search engine sees. Since search engines do not disclose their source data to the public, third party services (so called backlink checkers or backlink monitoring tools) have established to provide you exactly that. The issue is that backlink data of such services differ from the backlink data of search engines. A minor difference is caused by a different crawling infrastructure and filter mechanisms. A major difference is caused by hidden backlinks. Major because hidden backlinks are often hidden with a specific intention and not because they do not hold any SEO value.

A common case are website owners which use a set of websites they own (Private Blog Network) to link out to their profit generating website. To mask this pattern from competition they hide these particular backlinks from third party crawlers but not from search engine crawlers. The resulting effect is that search engines still take those backlinks into consideration but SEOs are not able to spot them since third party services they use cannot expose them. Here Linxact comes into play. We offer you exactly this missing piece of information you need to evaluate a backlink profile like a search engine does.