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Gain exclusive insights into backlinks which are invisible to backlink checkers like ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMrush and Sistrix etc. but not to Google. Unmask hidden Private Blog Network backlinks of your SEO competitors with just a click!
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Discover hidden backlinks which are invisible to common backlink checkers directly in the Explorer Webview. In combination with a usual backlink checker, you get to see the true backlink profile.

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Export hidden backlinks with just a click. You receive a CSV file containing all data you could also see in the “Hidden External Backlinks” table. Other table exports will be supported in future.

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Upload a text file containing multiple target websites to either receive all hidden backlinks pointing to each target or to receive hidden backlink statistics of each target all at once.

Backlink Analysis Is Broken

Linxact Explorer allows you to monitor URLs, URL paths, domains and root domains for hidden external backlinks, referring domains and root domains. Hidden backlinks are essential in SEO competition analysis because they transfer link juice like any other backlink. Our data shows that nearly 18% of all domains in our current crawl scope of approximately 500 million domains are hiding outbound links. That means that ordinary backlink checkers like ahrefs, Majestic, Moz and SEMrush etc. are missing a huge chunk of backlinks because their crawler does not see them.

A very popular Black Hat SEO method which produces hidden backlinks is building Private Blog Networks (PBNs) in combination with expired domains. Of course, hidden backlinks also originate from random websites which block third party crawlers because of other reasons such as minimizing server load. Hidden backlinks influence Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) drastically because of the huge amount of artificially created backlinks to exclusively increase the SEO value of a target website. With Linxact Explorer you will be able to unmask backlinks that your competition is hiding intentionally from you with just a click.

We do not follow a specific crawl cycle period. Our dataset gets asynchronously updated and will be maintained and improved regularly. At the moment we need to use different techniques such as Machine Learning (ML) filters to sort out less relevant backlinks to reduce the size of our dataset which is already massive. In addition, we are currently limiting the crawl depth of subdomains (except www.) since backlinks from main domains are much more important. Our dataset already includes tens of millions of domains that hide outgoing backlinks today. Furthermore, our current dataset includes more than 10 billion hidden backlinks that pass link juice every day without you noticing it! Fix your SEO competition analysis by subscribing to one of our data-rich subscriptions! We also offer a 7-day free trial of the Basic subscription.

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Hidden Backlinks Matter

In general, a hidden backlink is a backlink which is invisible to third party crawlers of backlink monitoring services like ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMrush and Sistrix etc. but not to search engine crawlers such as Googlebot. A hidden backlink passes link juice like any other backlink because Google does not see the difference. We just named them hidden backlinks.

Search engines like Google use a large set of factors to determine a website’s SERP ranking. A lot of important factors are based on external inbound links called backlinks. To put it simply, each backlink a search engine crawler crawls is included in the calculation of a website’s SERP position. Therefore, to be able to find out why a website has a specific SERP position, the key is to replicate the backlink profile generated by the search engine crawler. Since search engine providers like Google do not disclose crawl data to the public, third party backlink checkers and monitoring services established. They try to crawl the internet as exhaustively as the Google crawler does in order to provide accurate off-page SEO data to their customers.

The accuracy provided by backlink checkers declined by a good margin in the past 10 years. The reason is Black Hat SEO which is a category for very effective SEO methods that violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines. PBNs are artificially created websites with the sole purpose to increase the SERP rankings of a target profit generating website. Often a PBN is owned and controlled by the same entity as the profit generating website. That allows the Black Hat SEO to adjust the robots.txt disallow entries, .htaccess rules or even the server-side code in such a way that third party crawlers will not find outbound links of all websites of the PBN. This prevents the SEO competition of that Black Hat SEO to analyze those PBN backlinks with common backlink checkers like those mentioned above. That SEO competition could be you! To fix that, include Linxact Explorer in your SEO tooling by subscribing to one of our insightful subscriptions today!