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Linxact PBN index
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Hiding PBN root domains with above-average authority*
Active root domains
in our analysis scope**
Hiding PBN URLs
Hidden PBN backlinks
Our PBN index gets refreshed every 2 - 3 months with intermediate additions.
Statistics increase with each refresh as we’re continuously improving our analysis scope, detection, and filtering.
*Some root domains aren’t hiding anymore, and some might not be part of a PBN.
**Our analysis scope currently includes the 62 million most linked active root domains of the WWW.
Access our PBN index with Linxact Lens
Screenshot of Linxact Lens' hidden backlinks statistics section
Linxact Lens gives you convenient access to the competitive underground world of Black Hat SEO which we’re capturing in our PBN index. Linxact Lens shows you statistics of the hidden PBN backlink profile as well as tabular data about hidden PBN backlinks and referring hiding PBN domains.
Leverage third-party SEO metrics
Screenshot of Linxact Lens' TXT export feature which allows to export hidden backlinks from Private Blog Networks (PBNs) as a TXT file without additional data. This enables Linxact users to easily import found hidden backlinks into other SEO tools to evaluate hidden backlinks with third-party SEO metrics.
Attach SEO metrics to our data or sort hidden PBN backlinks by specific SEO metrics like Majestic’s Trust Flow (TF) by exporting them as a TXT file which you can upload to a bulk backlink checker of your choice. You’ll receive a sortable combined output of the data you’ve exported and vendor-specific SEO metrics.
Export, manipulate and merge data
Screenshot of Linxact Lens' CSV export feature which allows to export hidden backlinks from Private Blog Networks (PBNs) with additional data as a CSV file.
Easily export hidden PBN data into a CSV file. Manipulate hidden PBN backlinks of any target within a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Merge our data with other data sources to take your competitive SEO analysis to the next level.
Complete your backlink analysis with Linxact
Check your competitors’ domainsHidden PBN backlinks are clustered into highly competitive niches and Black Hat SEO competitors. Hidden PBN backlinks can’t be found by common backlink checkers because their crawlers are being deceived by crawler-specific cloaking. Linxact detects this and enables you to check your competitors’ domains for hidden PBN backlinks.
Detect negative SEO on any domainNegative SEO attacks with toxic backlinks from hiding PBNs are hard to detect, as those backlinks can only be found through the Google Search Console (GSC) in a pool of ordinary backlinks. With Linxact, you’ll be able to specifically see the hidden PBN backlink profile and detect negative SEO attacks on any domain with ease.
Check the domains you want to buyA domain of your interest might look clean on the ordinary backlink profile, but toxic on the hidden PBN backlink profile that common backlink checkers can’t show. Check the domains you want to buy with Linxact to protect yourself from buying abused expired and auction domains.
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What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?
Infographic that explains the Black Hat SEO method Private Blog Network (PBN)
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Black Hat SEO made transparent.
Linxact is a product of my passion for SEO and my work as an SEO consultant. At Linxact we want to make Black Hat SEO transparent. Thus far, SEO tools have been developed to solve issues and satisfy needs related to White Hat SEO while the usage of Black Hat SEO methods such as Private Blog Networks (PBNs) has exploded in recent years. This has produced a large transparency gap in the competitive SEO analysis of affected niches. Our dedicated and passionate team at Linxact is working relentlessly to fill this gap.