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Black Hat SEO made
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This is LinxactLinxact is a SEO data mining and analysis startup that engineers innovative solutions for all affected by Black Hat SEO competitors.We’re a lean multinational startup founded in Germany. Our mission is to make Private Blog Networks (PBNs) visible. Providing value to our customers is most important to us. Therefore, we concentrate on one issue at a time to create an excellent solution. Teamwork and thinking out of the box are at the core of Linxact. We always adapt to give our customers what matters most to them.
Linxact founder and CEO Daniel Lux smiling in front of a grey background
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Our storyOur founder and CEO Daniel has been from early on obsessed with SEO and Black Hat SEO in particular. Learning SEO added to his big interest in computers and programming. He began doing SEO at the age of 14 years in 2010. Shortly after he studied the basics, he began to dive deep into Black Hat SEO. The technical, creative and very competitive nature of Black Hat SEO fascinated him and still does today. Few years later, Daniel had acquired a lot of Black Hat SEO expertise while still being in high school and successfully executed Black Hat SEO in multiple projects that generated income from affiliate marketing partnerships. To further expand his knowledge in IT and business, he began his bachelor studies in “Information Systems B.Sc.” at University of Münster, Germany. During that time, Daniel noticed many competitors of his were hiding their Private Blog Networks (PBNs) from others, including himself. It had been nearly impossible to correctly assess competitors’ domains. On a closer look, Daniel realized how desirable it would be to find a way to make hidden backlinks from Private Blog Networks (PBNs) visible. That’s when the first mission of Linxact was born. Today, Daniel has successfully graduated his master’s degree in “IT-Management and -Consulting M.Sc.” from University of Hamburg, Germany and works full time on Linxact to pursue Linxact’s vision.Most if not all SEO tools and services are developed around White Hat SEO. This has created a big transparency gap in the SEO competitor analysis, which especially affects SEOs in short-term and highly competitive niches. Our dedicated and passioned team at Linxact is working relentlessly on filling this gap. The first step in achieving our vision to make Black Hat SEO transparent is completing our first mission to make hidden Private Blog Networks (PBNs) visible.
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