Linxact, a German SEO data mining company.

Linxact is an SEO data company launched in 2018 which is based in Oldenburg, a small city in northern Germany. We consist of a small but highly dedicated team of developers and search engine optimization experts (SEOs). Linxact is in general specialized in analyzing the web in order to provide valuable information that improves search ranking analysis. We believe an important issue SEOs nowadays have is missing backlink data in SEO backlink monitoring services. Missing backlink data is a result of widespread usage of link hiding techniques. That is the reason why websites which have such techniques deployed (often Private Blog Networks) can only be crawled by search engine crawlers and not by third parties. Thus backlinks from such websites are invisible to common backlink crawlers but not to Linxact‘s inhouse crawler. SEOs use backlink data to evaluate the SEO strength of websites and search engine results. The evaluation quality is highly dependent on it‘s underlying backlink data. Out of this reason Linxact has been founded to provide you backlink data that has been intentionally hidden from you. Even if there is not any hidden backlink data for a particular target available in our dataset the information of no hidden backlink data alone is valuable enough in our eyes. Linxact is currently at the very beginning. Therefore our service is in beta phase and comes with different limitations (for e.g. monthly crawling cycle). We have to gather customer feedback first to be able to improve our service in the best possible way.