Linxact is a German SEO data mining startup.

Linxact is a startup founded by Daniel Lux in Oldenburg, Germany. In the year 2016 Daniel was doing SEO related work on personal projects while studying Information Systems at University of Münster. He noticed that many competitors of his were using Private Blog Networks (PBNs) to rank their websites in the Google SERPs.
On a deeper look into this issue, Daniel also recognized that this issue would not be easy to solve. To find hidden backlinks, the whole World Wide Web (WWW) needs to be crawled, which is extremely complex and resource intensive. Crawling the WWW requires a lot of processing resources and storage capacity. Accessing that much crawled data requires even more infrastructure. Furthermore, developing the software infrastructure requires a lot of know-how. That is why an in house solution was no option, but a Software as a Service (SaaS) was. That’s when Linxact was born. Development started on October, the 3rd of 2016. Linxact did a test launch in 2020 to obtain market data and fully launched in December 2021.
Linxact consists of a small but highly dedicated team of coders, data mining specialists, marketing and SEO experts. Our broader mission is to provide valuable tools to SEO experts that solve highly relevant and difficult problems. Fixing backlink analysis by providing hidden backlink data is just the beginning of Linxact but will define our main mission for the next few years. There are a lot of features to create and improve to make our hidden backlink checker even better before we are comfortable to expand. We are looking forward to supporting the SEO industry with our expertise in developing brilliant tools!